DHS Real Estate Investment Management based in Amsterdam is an independent real estate manager providing fully integrated services in the areas of investment management, asset management, leasing management, development management, and property management.

DHS REIM is always looking for investment opportunities in the Benelux Commercial Real Estate markets.

With in-depth knowledge of the Benelux Real Estate Market and a proven track record DHS REIM is the perfect operating partner for investors, fund managers and banks in order to get access to the local markets.

  • Offices
  • Logistics
  • Residential


René de Heus MSc Re MRICS

Founding Partner / New Business

René de Heus

René worked in the Benelux real estate market for over 15 years. René was Managing Director within Edmond de Rothschild Benelux (prior Cording Real Estate Group) and was leading the Investment teams in his role as Head of Investment. Also he was a member of the General Management Committee and the Investment and Risk Committee.

Within this role he has performed over 40 acquisitions and sales between 2016 and 2020.

Before that René worked in the banking sector and was responsible for disposing of commercial real estate portfolios in the Netherlands. Prior to that he was responsible for the acquisitions and disposals of the Cromwell property group throughout Benelux with a special focus on offices, logistics and (multi-let) light industrial.

In total he executed over €2 billion in transactions in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg in the sectors of offices, logistics & residential.

On Asset Management René is well experienced in optimizing real estate portfolio performances by actively (out) performing the agreed business plans upon acquisition.

René holds an academic master’s degree in Real Estate from Amsterdam University and is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Email: renedeheus@dhsreim.com
Telephone: +31 6 156 742 86

Joep Cuppen MSc MRE

Managing Partner / Fund Management

Joep Cuppen

Joep has an extensive, 15+ years experience, in the Dutch industrial and logistic real estate market and is the former Head of Asset Management of Urban Industrial where he was the first employee and has been involved from the start. The total portfolio had an LFA of over 800.000 sqm, 100 highly management intensive assets, approximately 100 tenants, totalling to close to EUR 1.5bn AUM with an occupancy rate of almost 100%.

Responsible as Head of Asset Management for EUR 1.5bn AUM, 100 assets, 400 tenants, 800.000 sqm.

Prior to that he was a director of Cairn Real Estate (AIFMD license) where he was approved by the AFM (Dutch Financial Authority) on suitability and reliability for leading a real estate management company. In this role he has been responsible for the optimization of the overall returns to its shareholders (family offices, high net worth individuals), in total EUR 750mn AUM.

Before joining Cairn Real Estate, Joep was a fund manager for several ABN AMRO MeesPierson real estate funds; EUR 700mn AUM and responsible for acquisitions and dispositions, asset management, reporting and equity raising amongst (inter)national investors.

Joep is highly experienced in pro-active asset management, (re)-developments, capex investments; thereby optimizing the returns of the portfolio’s managed and outperforming the agreed business plans.

Joep holds two academic degrees; a Master in Real Estate from the Amsterdam School of Real Estate at the University of Amsterdam and a Master in Business Administration from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Email: joepcuppen@dhsreim.com
Telephone: +31 6 306 885 79

Wouter Vos MRE

Managing Partner / Real Estate Developments

Wouter Vos

Wouter has been working in the Dutch real estate market for approx. 20 years and is experienced in the fields of logistics, light-industrial and offices.

At DHS REIM Wouter is responsible for (re)-development of logistics, light-industrial and offices. He will be focusing on initiating, acquiring, developing and the execution of large (re)-development and investment projects.

Development track record of approximately 1 million sqm of logistics and office space

Prior to joining DHS, Wouter has been Managing Director of Dudok Real Estate for 11 years. Dudok Real Estate is a privately held investment and development company, which was ranked in the Top 10 of the “PropertyNL Top101 development companies in The Netherlands” in 2020, 2021 and 2022. In his role at Dudok Wouter gained extensive experience related to the (re)-development of logistics assets in a.o. the major logistics hubs and G4 office cities in The Netherlands. Over the last 10 years he was responsible for the (re-)development of approximately 1 million sqm of logistic and office space.

Before joining Dudok Real Estate he was an Associate Director in the Capital Market team of CBRE, based in Amsterdam. In his period of over 8 years within CBRE he was responsible for the acquisitions and disposals of the asset classes logistics, light-industrial and offices.

In his 20 years’ experience, Wouter executed over €2 billion in investment transactions in The Netherlands, in the sectors of offices, logistics and retail. Furthermore, Wouter developed approximately 1 million sqm of logistics and office space.

Wouter is highly experienced in acquisitions, (re)-developments, (commercial) optimizing the returns of the portfolio’s managed and outperforming the agreed business plans.

Wouter holds a Master degree in Real Estate from the University of Amsterdam.

Email: woutervos@dhsreim.com
Telephone: +31 6 463 660 96

Laurens Edauw MSc

Deal Lead

Laurens Edauw

Laurens is in his role as Deal Lead responsible for sourcing the best opportunities for investors meeting the investment criteria of our funds. Also within this role he is involved within the Investment Management team during the acquisition process and underwriting of the business plan. Prior to this role, Laurens was Asset Manager within the DHS REIM team.

Before he joined DHS REIM Laurens worked for ARC Real Estate Partners, Cushman and Wakefield and ACTIAM.

Laurens holds an academic master’s degree in International Management and Finance from Nyenrode Business University.

Email: laurensedauw@dhsreim.com
Telephone: +31 6 486 626 42

Rajeev Manna MSc

Investment Director

Rajeev Manna

Rajeev is responsible the diligent execution of transactions and is also involved in the sourcing of investment opportunities. With his in-depth knowledge and transactions experience, Rajeev is leading the acquisition process and the underwriting of the business plan.

In total he executed over 30 transactions with a total worth if over €1 billion in the Benelux. Having worked on both the investment and asset management side he is also well experienced in optimizing investor returns.

Before he joined DHS REIM Rajeev worked for Edmond de Rotschild and Generali Real Estate.

Rajeev holds an academic master’s degree in finance.

Email: rajeevmanna@dhsreim.com
Telephone: +31 6 280 890 96

Chris de Reus BBA

ESG Director / Sr. Technical Manager

Chris de Reus

Chris is responsible for the technical management of the portfolio under management. Within his role, he is responsible for the day-to-day technical management as well as the execution of extensive capex and sustainability programs. Next to the technical management of the portfolio under management, Chris is involved as technical advisor during due diligence processes and development projects.

Before Chris joined DHS REIM he worked as a Senior Technical Property Manager for CBRE managing and being responsible for the portfolio amounting 250,000 sqm LFA (logistics and office space). Prior to working for CBRE, Chris was a technical manager for Verwey Vastgoed.

Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in Real Estate and Brokerage from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Email: chrisdereus@dhsreim.com
Telephone: +31 6 100 044 61

Sofie Robers

Office Manager

Sofie keeps operations running efficiently. She is responsible for bookkeeping, daily operations, facility issues, administrative items, and she frees up the team to serve clients by seeing to these behind-the-scenes items.

Email: info@dhsreim.com


“DHS REIM, creating value for tomorrow”

Sustainability cannot be underestimated anymore where “neutral” is the new benchmark. The importance of company’s footprint and the realization hereof is rapidly increasing. The real estate sector can contribute to a global improvement of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals on a large scale through creative thinking and continuous innovation.

DHS believes that the journey to optimizing ESG is simultaneously adding value to society as creating value for its customers and should be applied in every step a company takes. To be able to contribute to society, DHS is actively monitoring, improving and certifying real estate (BREEAM, EPC, Well).

It is our conviction that our responsibility as investment manager and local partner is to understand the environmental, social and economic impacts and their value potential to our investments. Sustainability is embedded into all stages of our real estate investment process.

By making sustainability goals actionable, DHS aims to drive growth and profitability for its investors whilst lowering its footprint. The focus is to provide real estate tenants with innovative and ESG optimized properties and being able to monitor utility use through digitization and automation of usage. This way sustainability can be continuously monitored and improved.

Optimizing ESG standards for our customers today, will unlock opportunities and create future proof real estate for tomorrow.


Investment Management

DHS REIM Investment Management services include asset allocation, financial statement analysis, stock selection, monitoring of existing investments, and advises on portfolio strategy & implementation. Investment management may also include financial planning and advising services, such as hold sell analysis and dispositions.

Asset Management

DHS REIM Asset Management services is actively maximizing the value and return on investment of a property and or portfolio. This includes finding the highest and most consistent sources of revenue, reducing expenditures whenever possible and risk management.

We act as an owner of the investment property and look out for the property owner’s best interests. DHS REIM is proficient in repositioning a property and streamlining operations to retain tenants, reduce expenses, increase income and improve property value. We are responsible for the creation and implementation of the business plan of the asset or portfolio.

Leasing Management

DHS REIM Leasing Management services is purely focusing on leasing assets by an active approach towards prospects and leasing agents. Leasing Management can be the local solution for foreign managers in order to reduce vacancy, increase rental income and improving the average weighted lease term.

Project Development

DHS REIM Project Development provides vertically-integrated development and construction management to a variety of real estate projects. From initiating and acquisition to executing and deliver turn-key development projects and (re-) development of existing properties to unlock and optimise the value. DHS guides the development process, coordinates the broader development team and serves as the central point of communication and decision making.

Based on our inhouse experience and track record our approach and project management consist of:

  • Project initiating and financial analysis,
  • Design and development planning, programming and marketing,
  • Design and development team selection and coordination,
  • Pre-construction and construction management,
  • Planning and budget monitoring
  • Project completion and (turn-key) delivery management.

Property Management

The property management services of DHS REIM are characterized by a service-orientated, hands-on and pro-active approach of coordinating day-to-day activities arising from commercial property ownership and tenant occupation. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service resulting in in the increase of the net operating income by maximizing operational efficiency and ensuring statutory and environmental compliance and robust and critically, accurate reporting.

With our in-house technical team and in-depth knowledge of our properties, we are able to react quick and adequately resulting in an optimal use of the properties by our tenants.

DHS REIM focuses on creating and delivering value through strategic cost reduction, best practice and leading environmental, social and governmental (ESG) initiatives whereby client- and tenant satisfaction is our main goal.

Investment criteria


Single assets & portfolios

Deal structure:Asset& share deals; forward funding
Target deal size:EUR 10 mio – EUR 150 mio
Target markets:G10-Cities in NL, Brussels & Luxembourg city. CBD and / or established locations
Occupancy:Single / multi-let; also vacant
Risk profile:Core / Core Plus / Value Add

Logistics & (Light) Industrial

Single assets & portfolios

Deal structure:Asset & share deals; forward funding
Target deal size:EUR 10 mio – EUR 200 mio
Target markets:Prime logistics locations in Benelux / Urban areas, established location
Occupancy:Single / multi-let; also vacant
Risk profile:Core / Core Plus / Value Add / Mission Critical


Single assets & portfolios

Deal structure:Asset & Share deals; forward funding
Target deal size:EUR 25 mio – EUR 150 mio
Target markets:G10 cities in theNetherlands
Occupancy:Single / multi-let; also vacant
Risk profile:Core / Core Plus

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